5 Ways To Make The Best Mobile Game App Preview Videos

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App preview videos for your iOS Game Apps are the best way to jump up the user downloads if done in the right way. You simply need to build a few of these videos that work for you and get the dice rolling. The main factor here is that users will not want to waste time going through the screenshots, so your Game App preview videos should include the most captivating features in the limited time slot. Here’s the five best ways you can build amazing Game App Previews Videos.

Follow Apple’s Preview Guidelines

Yes, you will have to keep in mind some basic rules before starting out as this will provide a good overview of necessary stuff. If you read the guidelines provide by Apple for preview videos, you can see that the videos cannot be longer than 30 secs but you can keep them as short as you want, like 10,15,20,25 secs. Also, previews can only contain captured footage of your game. However, Apple does allow some flexibility for Game Apps.

Focus On Video Orientation

This is the most talked about aspect for App screenshots and preview videos, whether it is for games or any other category. The statistics show that landscape mode has always worked in favour of top rated Game Apps, and very few game developers go for the portrait mode. That being said, it is also advisable to use portrait preview videos if you have portrait screenshots as combining the orientations can be risky.

Have More Than One Preview

A single preview video will usually be enough unless you want the users to view more of the content quickly. This can give you an edge if you are really confident about your game and know what you are exactly doing. Based on the game Apps research, it is very much ideal to only use one preview and maybe two, as the user will not likely view any more previews beyond that .

Is your content good enough?

What you use for the short video previews matters more than you entire game itself. This is because these previews catch the eye of the users in the first 3 seconds and if you are successful in doing that with a unique content, then hats off to you.You need to go through the basics and do some research with your competitor’s game Apps and you will end up realising that content is the key for long term growth.

Don’t Overlook The Preview Video Frame

Apple calls it as the “Poster Frame” and it used to be very much relevant when the company first introduced App previews on App Store. The users simply had to click the play button on top of the poster frame to watch the video preview. Now things are different as the previews play automatically, but having a good video frame is still very much important as it may show up on organic search results and is also a basic asset for your App.

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